On 11/30/2013, We performed at Santa Ana Noise Festival.

I really haven’t seen what’s going on Noise Scene in LA,

So we are so happy to see and meet other performers.

This event was so powerful, We’d love to do this next year!

THank you very much






at Santa Ana Noise Festival (11-30-2013)

Insū_Bunkai at Santa Ana Noise Festival #5, 11/30/2013

New sound is up on soundcloud

Tonight I upload new sound “PRJ069 genitor’s parallel world” on soundcloud.

Enjoy our NOISE!!


A New Handmade Instrument


It’s a vacum cleaner pipe ( I guess ) flute!

It produces fake khoomei-like sound. It must go with NHK special documentary!


Posted by Banetoriko

Live show clip from past show

10/6 Live at Casey’s Irish Pub again!

We will perforrm at Casey’s Irish Pub on 10/6, Saturday again.

It’s very cool place, please stop by If you have any chance.

Casey’s Irish Pub
613 S Grand Ave · Los Angeles
(213) 629-2353