ABOUT Insū_Bunkai 因数分解

Insuu Bunkai, translated from Japanese as “factorization”, is the conception of Kobe, Japan based guitarist Moe Yamashita.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Insuu Bunkai combines many genres such as ambient sound, industrial noise, free-jazz, and rock with the traditional Japanese musical of concept “Ma.”

“Ma” is temporal and spatial emptiness, and when combined with rhythm, tone, and dynamics, Ma is also sound.

With the instrumentation of guitar, prepared bass, found objected amplified noise generator, metal percussion, Insuu Bunkai is able to create a panoply of sounds and music ranging from a deserted village to a fully rollicking arkestra.


Moe Yamashita : Electric Guitar

Goda Xtine: bass , cymbal, metal

Banetoriko : Banetek 2000R, metal

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